Community Involvement

Community Outreach Programs and Education Programs

To safeguard wildlife and ecosystems, it is critical to involve local communities in the process of preservation and conservation. We have and continue to work with many of the villages surrounding Mkomazi National Park and Kora National Park to ensure a mutually beneficial working relationship and further the goal of wildlife and ecosystem preservation.

Support of the local villages comes in many forms but is primarily focused on children and education. The Mkomazi Project constructed and upgraded elementary and secondary schools and exposed local children to sustainable practices and the importance of environmental conservation and ecosystem preservation through the Rafiki wa Faru environmental education program.

Our long-term commitment ensures that local communities benefit from the presence of the Mkomazi and Kora National Parks and look upon wild animals as a non-consumptive resource. To that end, the trusts have contributed funds to many important projects that support local communities.  Regular meetings are held with the local village leaders and school boards to maintain positive relations.