Black Rhinos

Critically endangered conservation status

The black rhino is a magnificent creature whose ancestors roamed the earth for 50 million years

Since 1970, the black rhino population has plummeted by more than 90%. Today, there are fewer than 5,500 left in the wild, and only about 130 in Tanzania.

Rhino sanctuaries like the one at Mkomazi are absolutely essential to the survival of the species. The 55-square-kilometer compound is surrounded by an eight-foot-high electrified and alarmed fence and is patrolled around the clock by armed guards. Home to a founder population of eight rhinos and the first sanctuary of its kind in Tanzania, it was stocked by airlifting the rhinos (of a subspecies indigenous to the area) at great expense.

Mkomazi now has a healthy breeding rhino population. Many of the adult females have given birth more than once. Working as a team we can save these magnificent creatures from the poaching gangs and the criminal networks who trade in their horns.

Tony Fitzjohn will continue his work with the black rhino and is also advising on other rhino sanctuaries in East Africa. 

We believe these magnificent creatures have a non-economic value that deserves to be respected.