Tony Fitzjohn on Being a Rock Star of Conservation

Tony Fitzjohn on de-horning the rhino

Tony Fitzjohn on learning from lions

Tony Fitzjohn on the risks of working with lions

Suzuki helps save the Rhino

Tony Fitzjohn reads from “Born Wild”

“To Walk with Lions” Trailer

This trailer is a movie about the story of George Adamson and Tony Fitzjohn’s work in Kora, Kenya.  It stars Richard Harris as George Adamson.

George Adamson in 1967

Footage from the movie “Born Free,”  a moving story about Elsa the lioness, cared for by George and Joy Adamson who is reintroduced into the wild.

Painted Dogs Opening Ceremony with Tony Fitzjohn OBE

Tony Fitzjohn, OBE at the opening of the new African Wild Dog exhibit in the Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom.

George Adamson: Father of Lions (Baba ya Simba)

George Adamson’s history of work in Kora.