Tony Fitzjohn with Asako eldershelping with medical dispensaries and maintaining friendly relations with the local communities. The Adamson years proved an invaluable learning experience for Tony Fitzjohn. It was at Kora that he gained the knowledge and expertise that he brought to Mkomazi in 1989 and the added knowledge and expertise from Mkomazi that he brings back to Kora National Park now.

Committed to conservation Fortunately, having spent the last 40 years living in the African bush, Tony Fitzjohn is eminently qualified for all of these tasks. The modern-day requirements of an operation such as this, staffed by a team of 45 trained personnel, means that Tony has to spend a lot of time traveling in order to raise funds and generate publicity for the project. He lectures at the Royal Geographical Society, schools, zoos, wildlife parks, and talks to diverse groups of supporters. He has also testified on wildlife issues on behalf of the Tanzanian government at a Congressional Sub-Committee hearing in Washington, DC.      continued . . .

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