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George Adamson-Tony FitzjohnA conservationist driven by a lifelong passion for the wild, Tony Fitzjohn actively leads wildlife preservation efforts in East Africa. In 2006, he was honored for his work by the Queen of England with the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Tony Fitzjohn In 1975, one of the wild lions near George Adamson’s camp inexplicably attacked Tony Fitzjohn, biting him in the throat. The lion was driven off and the badly mauled Fitzjohn was carried back to camp, bleeding heavily. “Am I dying?” he asked when he regained consciousness. “I think you probably are but I’ll do my best,” George Adamson replied.
     Fortunately for African wildlife conservation, Fitzjohn survived. Clearly, it would take more than a rogue lion to see off this extraordinarily tough and determined Englishman. Tony Fitzjohn does not fit comfortably into our modern world. He is an adventurer born out of his time, a restless spirit driven by a lifelong passion for the wild. At the age of 22, he left a dead-end job and hitchhiked to Kenya. His only ambition was to work with animals and, as luck would have it, he pitched up one day at George Adamson’s camp at Kora.   continued . . .

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