WildlifeNOW | Mkomazi National Park, Kora National Park


  • Tana River
  • Tana Bridge
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  • photos-14.jpg
  • Ted Van Dam with Rhinos
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  • Tana River
  • Kora Rock
  • George Adamson in Kora
  • Sunset
  • New Fuel Tanks
  • Workshop Built
  • Important visitors: Chief Secretary to the President, Ambassador Ombeni
Sefue with the Chairman of the Tanzanian trust, Bernard Mchomvu
  • Mr. Brrrr, with his keepers and a few days supply of milk
  • Tony filming with Martin Clunes in Kora with an Octocopter
  • Mugi looking over Tana River in Kora, 2013
  • Tom Hardy filming his documentary, Poaching Wars
  • Students in Environmental Education Program
  • Tracker dog BANDIT
  • Tracker dog team with trainer Daryll Pleasants
  • A new water pan close to camp small elephant herds that move around camp.