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GiraffeGeorge Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust (UK) A sister trust to The Tony Fitzjohn / George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust, works with Tony Fitzjohn to support his work in East Africa.
Suzuki Rhino Club (The Netherlands) An organization focused on supporting the survival of the Rhino.
African Wildlife Update - Published by the African Wildlife News Service, an independent news organization based in the United States. Since May 1991, the AWNS is read by policy makers, field biologists, educators, students journalists and conservationists.
Save the Rhino International - Save the Rhino International has developed into the leading non-profit rhino organization in Europe. Its mission is to secure the survival of the rhinoceros in the wild. It works in close collaboration with rhino conservationists in Africa and Asia to bridge the gap between experts in the field who
are desperately in need of funds and people who are able to help.
Rhino Resource Center - Is committed to assisting research and conservation of the rhinoceros worldwide by collecting all publications and maintaining archives.

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