WildlifeNOW and Big Cats George Adamson, known as the “Lion Man” of Africa was best known through “Born Free”, the story of Elsa, an orphaned lioness raised and reintroduced into the wild by Adamson and his wife, Joy. George Adamson devoted himself to his many lions and along with Tony Fitzjohn, they established a very successful lion reintroduction program in and around the Kora National Reserve in northern Kenya. They worked for 18 years on the rehabilitation of captive or orphaned big cats for eventual reintroduction of 30 lions and 10 leopards into the wild. The lion re-introduction program was the template for other animal re-introduction programs that Tony Fitzjohn and his team have created in Mkomazi with the Rhino and African Wild Dog programs.
      Kora is an ideal locale for lions with thick bush and seasonal riverbeds with their gullies and access to the river where lion’s prey goes to drink. “Kampi ya Simba” – the Camp of the Lions is named for the work Adamson and Fitzjohn did in Kora, and will be the site for the future Big Cat program in Kora. The Big Cat program, which will start with a few young lioness cubs, is scheduled to re-open in 2012.

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