The Need In order to complete these plans, we are in need of funds for development and long-term security. Tourism could bring in important revenue and a bridge has been built between Meru National Park and Kora - always a dream of George Adamson’s which is helping to put Kora on the map for a new northern tourist circuit. A proposed tourist lodge has been sited close the magnificent Tana River.
Another need is for Asako, the main village on Kora’s boundaries and George and Tony’s loyal and sympathetic neighbors for nearly two decades. Asako was isolated and virtually forgotten and at the mercy of regular shifta bandit attacks. With the National Park Status and work being done in Kora, the security of Asako is now improving, yet remains in desperate need of development and assistance. In the past, the Trusts funded medical visits and stocked a small dispensary. The Trusts have now funded the revival and maintenance of a clear water supply.

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