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Kora National Park bridgeWildlifeNOW represents a spirit of ‘hands-on’ dynamic conservation; not only holding the line on conservation but also reversing many years of damage and re-establishing complete ecosystems. We are, right now, in the early stages of this process in Kora National Park in Kenya.

Kora, Its Past
A lawless and forgotten part of Kenya, the 1700km wilderness, now a national park, owes a large part of existence to George Adamson. Kora was the home of George Adamson and Tony Fitzjohn for nearly 20 years where they famously rehabilitated lions and leopards. After Adamson’s death at the hands of Somali poachers in Kora in 1989, the park deteriorated but in recent years the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) has done a lot to initiate Kora’s rehabilitation. However, without added support and investment, they cannot make consistent or significant progress. Kora was recently made into a national park and WildlifeNOW and all associated trusts have a strong commitment and duty to help Kora prosper into the future. 
At the request of the Kenyan Government and Kenya Wildlife Services, Tony Fitzjohn has conducted surveys of Kora to ascertain next steps for development and protection of the area.       continued . . .

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