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African Elephant1960 - over 4,500 elephants recorded in the Mkomazi Game Reserve
1989 - only 11 individual elephants, due to massive poaching
2011 - over 500 have been seen during the rainy season

The Threats to the Elephant The threats facing the African Elephant today are significant and ever present. The African Elephant is an endangered species. It is hunted and poached for its ivory and skin. It is being forced from its habitat, as man’s human footprint has grown larger.
     Elephants are the largest land mammals in the world, and as such, have equally large home ranges, traveling over 770 square miles. As man uses this land for farmland or it is deforested as industrial logging and mining spreads, as roads and settlements encroach deeper into the forest, the elephant loses the expanse of land it needs to live in. And because the elephant roams freely over these large swaths of land, they become an ‘open access’ resource, (absence of well-defined property rights) and the states in which they inhabit lack
enforcement and monitoring.      continued . . .

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