helping the forest to survive and seed over the past 30 years. The government will prosecute both arsonists who burn the riverine forest to force animals out, and pastoralists that cut down poplars to feed livestock.

Endangered Species Programs
“Kampi ya Simba” – The Camp of the Lions is named for the ‘big cat’ re-introduction program that George Adamson and Tony Fitzjohn worked on for 20 years in Kora. Because Kora is been shown to be an ideal place for lions, the big cat program is scheduled to re-open in the near future. But the animal rescue programs will not be limited to lions. Elephants, leopards, hyena and smaller cats will be cared for within the park, and more specific endangered species programs will be introduced in Kora within the next few years. And of course, the Black Rhino and African Wild Dog programs in Mkomazi set the standard in best practices for endangered species programs.

Education and Community Cooperation In-order to safeguard the forests, rivers and the animals that inhabit the national parks and surrounding ecosystems, it is critical to work with the local communities to garner their trust. Tony and his team do this by supporting local needs (water, schools and health care), educating and hiring locals to work in the parks, and educating the communities and focusing on the children, teaching about sustainable practices, and about the importance of environmental conservation and ecosystem preservation.

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