A Secondary School in Kisiwani Village Recently, the trusts completed the building of a secondary school in Kisiwani village, which educates 200 students and has the potential to educate another 200. The construction added classrooms, a computer room, two science laboratories, administration offices, and refurbishment of the headmaster's house pit latrines, and an independent water pipe line. This is the only secondary school in the vicinity of Kisiwani, giving secondary education to students who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. It is staffed with a first class headmaster, teachers and offers adult education in evenings. Although the trusts provided the majority of funds for the construction of this school, it was a cooperative effort between the District of Same, the Kisiwani village authorities, the Wildlife Division, the Ministry of Education and the trusts.
We have extend school assistance to a further 22 secondary schools and 13 primary schools around what has now become the Mkomazi National Park.

Other Community Programs We support the on-going work of women's groups in the villages, educational safaris have taken place to the major villages surrounding the reserve and the building and de-silting of dams within the reserve to provide alternative dry season water sources for large mammals, an important part of eliminating the conflict between the villagers and wildlife.       continued . . .

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