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Asko Village Water PumpCommunity Outreach Programs In 1989, when the restoration of the Mkomazi Game Reserve was declared a National Priority Project, the Tanzanian Government and the trusts agreed that, when the rehabilitation programs were underway, they would establish community programs for the residents of the villages surrounding the reserve. This would be a huge task, encompassing 41 villages within three districts, and would run alongside a program to help the pastoralists living between the border of the reserve and the local villages at the foot of the Pare and Usambara Mountains.

The Mkomazi Game Reserve Outreach Program was started in 1993 and was originally developed and coordinated by Harrie and Truus Simons, it has now been institutionalized by the Government who have taken over the main responsibilities with assistance from the trusts.

Our long term commitment is to ensure that the local communities benefit from the presence of the reserve and come to look upon wild animals as a non-consumptive resource. To that end, the trusts have contributed funds to many wonderful projects that support local communities.       continued . . .

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