has travelled throughout Africa over the past 15 years. She is a founding member, Treasurer and General Counsel of the African Environmental Film Foundation, a supportive partner to Kora, Mkomazi and other conservationist and environmental African projects.

Ali McGraw Honorary Chair Person – Actress and movie icon Ali MacGraw has been a long time supporter of Tony Fitzjohn and the work he does in Kora and Mkomazi National Park. Ali is an animal rights activist and a great friend to the TFGAAWPT.

Bill Benenson Bill Benenson is a graduate of Columbia University, after graduation spent over two years in the Peace Corps in Brazil. In 1975, Bill moved to Los Angeles to study directing at the American Film Institute and has since become an award-winning filmmaker. He has had 2 films at the Sundance Film Festival as a director and multiple films there as a producer – most recently “Dirt! The Movie”. “Dirt! The Movie” has been shown in film festivals around the world and was also the Independent Lens 2010 Earth Day Special on PBS. Benenson is a philanthropist and entrepreneur with project ranging from GAWPT to developing a high tech water conservation system for college dormitories.

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