In some Arab countries rhino horns are carved into dagger hilts. In Yemen, a single horn can bring up to $65,000.00 on the black market. But the largest demand comes from Asia, where traditional healers promote powdered rhino horn as an analgesic. There, it is worth more than twice its weight in gold.
     Rhino sanctuaries like the one at Mkomazi are absolutely essential to the survival of the species. The 50-square-kilometer compound is surrounded by an eight-foot-high electrified and alarmed fence and is patrolled around the clock by armed guards. It took five years to build at a cost of $500,000.00. Home to a founder population of eight rhinos and the first sanctuary of its kind in Tanzania, it was stocked by airlifting the rhinos, of a subspecies indigenous to the area, from Addo National Park in South Africa at great expense. Mkomazi now has a healthy breeding number of Rhinos with the adult females giving birth, some more than once. Our results to date prove beyond doubt that we can save these magnificent creatures from the vanity and superstitions of a tiny minority out to destroy them.

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