The captive breeding and translocation program at Mkomazi, the first of its kind in East Africa, was founded in 1995 to provide dogs for this multinational effort. The dogs are allocated to six breeding compounds to maximize genetic diversity. An extensive veterinary program has been set up to improve their immunity to disease. Reintroductions are planned together with the Tanzanian government, with the most elusive constituent of any reintroduction effort, political will. With the support of the government, the team in Mkomazi has committed to providing the know-how and resources to stabilize groups of dogs, manage breeding programs and reintroduce dogs into the wild.
     The cost of the captive breeding and translocation program is high with each reintroduction costing over $30,000.00. The annual costs for the running the captive breeding and veterinary program are approximately $70,000.00. With your help, we are well on our way to securing the survival of this enigmatic and ecologically important species.

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